Friday, July 16, 2010

more tales from the trail

oh how I love these birds! Last week I got lucky and saw herons two days in a row, you have to really pay attention to spot them 'cause they are so still. The water is starting to get low so I fear my viewing days are growing short.

I've read that their plumage gets longer as they age.

The creek gets drier while blackberries have shed their flowers & start to look more like snacks.

One morning it was cool out and a little foggy on the pond, I almost missed this heron. I think it's a younger bird.

the same moring just after passing the pond I saw this bundle of fuzz on top of the water in the creek, three maybe four little ducklings huddled together.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Space

We have a pretty decent view for now, who knows what construction will come..I love lines and we certainly have many beautiful ones here.

we have a couple of spider webs on the balcony that are pretty fun to look at...

we have some of the plants here now, we'll see how they like the northern light

this was the first friday morning i've slept in here, and really the fukn news helicopters! I took this from my bed about 6 am.

the beginning of many shots from our room and the roof.