Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I call this one "fresh beer"
part of my pub drawings

Thursday, November 25, 2010

snow,trapeze and t-day

It got a little warmer the day before Thanksgiving, this is whats left of the puny snowstorm that knocked seattle on it's ass this week

Trapeze, Pre-Thanksgiving Party


snoop wants to know when bath time is on thanksgiving?

not quite frozen anymore

table for two at poco?

takin a walk on t-day and gina wants to slide down pine st.

what the eff?

all these red lights and the sign that says NO STOPS????

SDOT trucks looking for snow flakes

 cooked all day today, dinner was yum! love the veggies!

purple carrots we got from Tiny's Organics were so pretty inside!


finally on the plate!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

walkin in the hood again

brotha you asked me once if I saw any choppas in the hood...well here you have it, i'll try harder to document in the fututre but this boy was makin a bit of racket...

this bottle cap portrait is way cool.

came upon this kitty he wouldn't budge! pretty sure he was about to get sum...whatever sum was

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oregon Coast

When Gina and I first met we took a road trip from the most NW tip of Washington state along the coast down to Lincoln City, Oregon then we turned back....i've been beggin for a continuation of that trip and last weekend I got IT! We drove to Lincoln City Friday night and continued south Saturday morning...
Mt. Hood from the car headed south

our first stop is at The Lighthouse, they have Hammerhead on tap and an oyster po-boy (OPB) on the menu

my girl clownin'

we spent the night in Lincoln City, our Hotel was rite on the beach if you're willing to climb the staircase down...

rusty sand??

the sand here is flat but the black sand lends it's own depth

Gina on the rocks!

I love the big birds, herons are my favorite. This part of the coast hosts the Brown Pelican they fly in groups, tight formation and very near the surface of the ocean....absolutely took my breath away!


that was the beach at Lincoln City.... we stopped at each viewpoint listed on the map, this time of year not many folks are out so it worked out well. I freaked a little at Rocky Creek because the park trail had way too many slugs for me! The scenery was nice tho

 I need more practice with waves, I think we'll have to go back

a crashing christmas tree!

Otter Crest State Scenic Viewpoint

then Devil's Punch Bowl State Park

this kelp is kinda kreepy!

we got a little hike around some tidal pools at the last of low tide, it was so windy here! I didn't think any of my pictures were going to work because of the overcast light and me trying to find a steady foothold

so so  many shades of green on this trip, my eyes were on sensory overload the whole trip! Green anemones at my feet

you definitely get a sense of how these trees got to be like this when you walk here....wicked!

Our last beach before the highway moved away from the coast was Haceta Beach with a view of Haceta Head Lighthouse, I shot one or two pictures of the beach before noticing that the place was thick with sea lions! You could hear them barking over the waves, the day was filled with amazing !

We drove past The Dunes and stayed the night in Coos Bay, this place gave me the heebiejeebies! the only good thing about here was that this is the first hotel i've been in where there was a bottle opener mounted in the bathroom!

On Sunday we headed back north, The Dunes were "pay access" parks so we did drive bys, had breakfast in Florence and drove east back to I-5. More green! My eyes!