Monday, April 25, 2011

Whidbey Island Day Trip

On Saturday we took a ride over to Whidbey Island for the day, this is the ferry from Mukilteo to Clinton on the south side of Whidbey, it's leaving the island. After weeks of dreary weather, we were treated to a calm day with uninterrupted sunshine.

arriving at the dock...


When we arrived in Langley we were informed it was Whale Day, it was pretty early and things were pretty quiet. Walking the sea wall scanning the water for sight of a grey whale, we came upon these limpets. G called them "china hats". We didn't spot any whales all day.

The Cascades. 

A little trek on the southwest side of the island, brought us to Double Bluff Park, this stand of trees made me think i'd like to visit again in the fall. 

The beach at this park is littered with detritus left by the tides. People make forts from the driftwood, some are very high profile.

A spare tire and a barnacle encrusted outboard motor.


Looking west to the Olympics.

This which looks like rock, is actually a clump of layered clay, very soft. There was a guy nearby sculpting images in the sediment, seems like it would be a very temporary medium.

ah the driftwood!

Looking at the mountain from Penn Cove, known for Penn Cove Oysters which may or may not come from this idle farming operation.

Country Kitsch

Lots of fun creepies on the rocky beach at Fort Ebey State Park.

The underwater plant life grows taut as it dries, exposed on the rocks.

it's a seaclair! 

sea ribbons! 

 still wet...

sea anenomes

Next stop Deception Pass, a short walk across the crowded bridge affords one some very nice views.

the current here is wicked!

 rooted sea grass undulating in the current

Me and G at Deception Pass 

The span.

some birds skimming the surface of the water under the bridge

the underbelly of the bridge, an engineers delight.