Sunday, November 29, 2009

Seattle sketches

drinkin and drawin often go together for me, I have been in seattle for 4 years now, following are some sketches collected from "05 to "09 mostly drawn in bars and definitely drawn with drink. I plan to update this collection of seattle sketches as drawn.....

six arms

view from trapeze

view from trapeze with model...

the wild rose has a great couch in the front window, if your there pre-drama hours you can sit there and get a great view of pike/11th

sittin @ 6 arms lookin into the kitchen

bookcase at top pot on 14th

from the beautiful windows @ 6 arms

another view from trapeze below...

at the bar...

sittin inside the rose, again off hours, drawin the view and drinkin a brew

Saturday, November 21, 2009

one of many organic models, that hang out in my creative space

saw this arrangemnt in wallingford recently

and this cute little tug passing thru the locks in ballard

a couple of shots from the seattle central library