Saturday, August 8, 2009

We had visitors from out of town recently and seattle has no shortage of things to show our 1st timers, since I have only been here about four years I still get a kick out of discovering new things about my city, found this silver tree at the SAM Sculpture Park...

dinner at the space needle is an experience! the floor in the restaurant revolves to give a full view of the city and sound .....nice if somebody is else is payin i've been to the Hiram Chittenden Locks or the Ballard Locks before but I had never witnessed boats switching channels before here, even more educational if you bring your own engineer!

they load all these boats in this little space

tie them all up lock up the ends and fill the tubthen all these floating martini bars cruise out to Lake Union for the day

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Maya said...

Nice shots! It's definitely nice if someone else is paying for that Needle dinner. I've found if you go for breakfast instead it's a tad cheaper!