Friday, October 30, 2009

Me, my grandpa cotie and uncle bobby. This had to be christmas 62,the photograph is so faded i'm glad i got it here before it's totally gone
me and my dad 62
and mom I believe in the backyard of maw-maws houseand maw-maw, my moms mom Hazel Corrine, I loved this lady she always seemed so strong to me, fierce. In the next photo is maw-maw and her mom my great grandmother, we called her ma mo, Miss Lillie Brassette Saucier
these lovely ladies are my dads sisters, Aunt Marie his younger sis and Aunt Nita his older sis

This is a crazy picture from Christmas 1964, this photo is in black and white but I can tell you that Mom, Monique and myself had matching red dresses on, I don't remember what color dads suit was but it was slick i'm sure. Moms eyebrows are scary I think my mom looked younger when she was 30-40 than she does's the damn eyebrows

me sittin in the car lettin it all hang out

my grandpa ducombs, the quintessential grouch, the ever present flat top, my paw-paw, i once painted a small swastika on the bumper of his truck because i found out that he drowned an unwanted litter of farm kittens in a burlap sac...great memory huh
my sis Monique and me hammin it up here and there, I love the shots on the bug, a 1962 black VW Beetle mom and dad bought brand new off the showroom floor
love our pixie haircuts, we were not pigtail girls....too much work!

and the duds we're wearing in this next photo, hello! looks like a couple little boys to me

sorry little bro left you out of the others, you didn't come around til later but I love this old polaroid of the three of us I wonder what the hell you were laughin at


Maya said...

What a great set of pics! Though the drowning cats story kinda freaked me out...

Mitch said...

These pics rule!! you know I just so happen to be a so called Photoshop expert... I can make all of these old photos like new. See you tonight Sis!!