Sunday, June 27, 2010


Its almost over....a very wet month fraught with changes. Tossing junk, getting new junk, a bus that I have been riding for 4.5 years stopped running, we're moving and trying to keep it all together.

The garage sale went well, we had a rare day of sunshine and we made $180 bucks, everything that we didn't sell made its way to the thrift store or the trash can.

the birds have been enjoying a worm feast with the rain and lack of grass outside our window, this guy has a mouthful

Weekdays I ride a Sound Transit bus to Bothell where I work, for the last four and a half years I was catching a Community Transit bus from the university there to my building. The route has been cut and I have been walking the distance, it takes about a half hour and there is a nice trail that follows North Creek to my destination. Birds,ducks,bunnies,berries,beavers,slugs, snakes ...

Slugs intrigue me and gross me out! They own the trail out here, my fear is that i'll either step and slip on one or that one will find it's way into the cuffs of my jeans.....caca

new growth on a pine tree?

WDOT has some clandestine project going on behind this wall in Bothell, I love how they tack these giant pictures of flowers on it.

I was almost to my bus stop the other day and about to stash the camera and I almost stepped on this snake.

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