Thursday, December 16, 2010


Gina's company has a holiday party every year where they have a catered dinner
and pay for us to sleep even though we live a few blocks from "downtown" seattle we sieze the oppurtunity for the "staycation".


my first week in Seattle back in 2001, I discovered this little hole in the wall fish n chips it,  when i'm eatin my food and it's cold, rainy, dark and the cioppino is hot the beer thick..northwest YAYA!

it was raining hard this night and even harder the day after, anyway this guy was playin to the air

wet, really wet

the next morning after hearing the rain and wind pelting the window all night we went to breffa and had to ford the corners

the winds overnight caused a sudden shedding of leaves

from inside the Mayflower Hotel the ceiling here was Grrrreat!

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Maya said...

Nice shots! The rain may be unpleasant, but it sure makes for some nice photos. :-)

How did you like the Mayflower? I thought about getting someone a room there once.