Sunday, October 9, 2011

last of the coast

Like I stated before, the Pacific Coast Highway was pretty foggy and photo ops were slim the last couple days of our road trip....but there were a few

the second to last night of the trip we did not have camping reservations anywhere so we pitched the broken tent in an available site at Russian Gulch State Park and went in search of coastline to view the sunset

leaving the sunset, Gina stopped in at a little store across the street from the beach and found that campsites were $10 cheaper at Caspar Beach RV we relocated in the

after we were set up and eating dinner round the campfire we were visited by racoons, all foodstuffs were returned to the car and we tucked the cooler under the table at our site. That was clearly a smart move because i'm sure they would have had a feast!

while eating breakfast I spotted the first of a whole crapload of banana slugs... UGH!!! I could not wait to leave this place!

We drove through Redwood National Park on our way to our last nite of camping. Crappy photo of a photo that the park has posted at Big Tree Wayside.

Big Tree

No fog at our last campsite at Humbug Mountain State Park,Oregon, you could tell from looking at the trees here that the wind is a constant visitor to this cove.

waving goodbye to the west coast

 this little ladybug seemed out of place on the beach

Gina managed to make the broken tent pole work the whole trip, the last nite the popsicle stick she was using gave out and she resorted to using a spoon for support...Dear Kelty,

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Maya said...

Looks like you found the nice sunset! I love that Gina made the tent work the whole time. :-)