Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Point Reyes, CA

Looking at a map it shows Hwy 1 as a straight red line up the coast of California,Oregon and Washington...in reality it is a pretty dificult drive..... between tight curves, construction and fog, driving can be a tad tedious! It was foggy for much of the next two days of our trip so views of the coast were limited.

took a little stroll at Stinson Beach. The watercolor like illustration used for this water conservation sign is nice.

Cow #987 clearly had something to say to me

the road out to Point Reyes National Seashore was even more wicked than Hwy 1 but it was an interesting detour

what can I say about the next two photos....

308 steps that we did not descend to the lighthouse at Point Reyes.

Found this on Wiki_ Unlike many lighthouses, that were built high so the light could be seen by ships far out to sea, the Point Reyes lighthouse was built low to get the light below the fog that is so prevalent in the area.

the rocks in this area had some good color and nice lines!

Gina & the Giant Marshmallows!

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Maya said...

No comment on those middle photos. And, WHY did you not climb down to the lighthouse??

I have driven on that road at night in the pouring rain. You should try that!!