Thursday, September 8, 2011

on the second day I took these photos...

I made most of the plans for this trip myself, in advance. Bought maps, looked at books, did internet research and shit, so I was concerned about bears going into Yellowstone. I have a bearbell on my backpack that jingled in the hot wind of the car the whole trip. A friend gave us bear spray. I never read about the BISON!

Found this in the little park newspaper they give you at the gate....

Bison_called buffalo by many people, these huge brown animals are the largest animals in Yellowstone. Adult bulls are more than six feet tall at the shoulder and weigh more than a ton. Suprisingly they can run faster than humans. Admire them from a distance...More people are injured by bison than by any other animal in the park.


Our first encounter with the herd was on foot. The park is largely accessible by boardwalk and the trail at the mud volcano takes you into the hills a little bit. There are signs on the trail that say you should backtrack rather than risk a dance with the beast! Well we saw bison. They made a sound like orcs. Big, scary, stinky sounds....this one crossed our path

the area where the buffalo roam was very pretty, I loved the grass here

when I saw this next sign into our second eyes saw Sol Fart cuz thats what I was smellin' !

a vast network of boardwalks

Mammoth Falls were pretty cool

I love birds but I am not familiar enough to identify a species. Looking at the National Park Service list of birds known to Yellowstone, I think this may be a Plover, there are three different varieties listed.


more bison stories, they were doing this thing where they threw themselves on their backs and writhed around feet up for a few seconds and then hop rite back up...freakish

a young one broke away from its parents and crossed the road a couple cars in front of us....

'bout pissed myself when they turned straight for us!

family reunited


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Maya said...

Damn kids! HAH

I remember when I was there trying to get closer to the bison for a better shot and my dad warning me not to get too close 'cause they might charge!