Tuesday, September 6, 2011


The epic road trip...my last day of work at ATT was on the 12th of August and we hit the road on the 13th for a 3 week long road/camping trip. We traveled 4785 miles in 22 days, 14 of those days we tent camped in national parks and at Planet Bluegrass. The journey took us thru Spokane, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Denver, Rocky Mountain Folks Festival, Arches and Zion National parks, Lake Powell, The North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, the Mojave Desert, Upland,CA, the Pacific Coast Highway from Santa Monica,CA to Coos County Oregon, thru the Redwood National Forest and back to Seattle. Thanks to friends and family we had a few nights with sheets,showers and laundry. I shot 2300 photos with the Canon and my little point & shoot. I plan on posting alot of stuff here in the next few days, hope I am able to show some of the wonderment and fun we had!

My pretty stepsisters....


Yellowstone was our first camping stop, I think it was the buggiest but the they weren't bitey bugs for the most part. The little specs are bugs in the air

Grant Village Campground was huge!


Gina likes the engineering /design that goes into campfire grates at the parks, I think the ones here at Grant Village were her favorites.

fire roasted beets, carrots and asparagi!

The two days at Yellowstone were spent driving from one earth oddity to the next with all the other tourists. Crusty earth and steam are the main features with stink and color running a close second. I found this on one of the info signs about the colors_Pale Pink, Yellow & Cream Color mean HOT; Greenish hues Not So Hot and Yellow, Orange and Brown are cool. Gina touched alot of the waters....I took pictures.

Old Faithful

This next formation looked like ass around a hot tub to me!

These bugs were having a moment rite on the boardwalk!

We forgot the sunscreen on our first day out, the clouds and wind were no protection....we managed to get sunburn anyway

This park bench was somewhat overgrown...

Taking a photo of the lake below was difficult, the steam was thick, hot and stinky and the wind was blowing...my glasses kept fogging up and the view kept fading in and out.

bubbling, stinking mud pots

the Yellowstone Tour Bus

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Maya said...

You got some amazing shots! It does not surprise me that Gina had to test each color to make sure they were not lying. I hope she didn't burn her hand! ;)

I always called Yellowstone the zoo for the animals. The animals come from miles around to show their kids "people" from all over the world! HA