Monday, September 12, 2011

on to the Grand Canyon

The sunrise was beautiful at Lake Powell, we went swimming before 10 am, the water was nice

while we were walking on this bridge just before entering Grand Canyon NP, we heard Anna Pigeon say that the temps at the North Rim were way cooler.....oh yeah uh huh!

I was beginning to get weary at this point, not enough showering, not enough real bed ...I honestly felt like watching tv. Campsite at the North Rim..


 Anyway we were at the Grand Canyon! I went for a short hike with Gina on the first day there and saw the crack, it was really hazy out and somewhat lackluster!

I got up early on the second day hoping for better light and encountereed a deer who was not much scared of my presence...the light was still not great

the white-tailed squirrel was always in my peripheral vision

my love got red dirt pores at the Grand Canyon and I built a sculpture I call "the north rim"

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Maya said...

Too bad it was so hot. You would probably enjoy it more at a different time of year! Love some of your shots of the red rock country!